Thursday, July 2, 2015

7 Ways Living Vegan Has Actually Saved Me Money

There is a popular misconception that being vegan is expensive and unattainable for people who are on a budget. I am here to clear things up for those with concerns about financing vegan living. 

1. No more fast food stops. I eat out less and cook more complete meals at home. I buy less junk food in general. You can also pack a simple lunch for work or school.

2. I waste a lot less food since going vegan and most vegan food tends to have a longer shelf life.

3. I used to get sick all the time before going vegan. Now I never even get a cold so I'm not spending money on doctor visits, Rx or over the counter treatments.

4. I reuse and recycle everything now, including reusing bathwater to flush the toilet. Going green saves green!

5. Have you seen the rising meat, dairy and egg prices? Demand for it is decreasing as more people open their hearts to a more compassionate lifestyle.

6. I make my own cruelty-free, chemical-free toothpaste and other products.

7. I shop for most of my clothes at thrift stores because it's ethically and environmentally friendly, plus it often supports a good cause. For example, my favorite thrift store is American Council for the Blind which helps vision impaired people.

Ways YOU can save money living vegan:

·Grow your own produce
·Avoid vegan labels and buy more whole food like beans, rice and produce
·Walk or bicycle more. Drive less
·Make your own laundry detergent, shampoo etc

Be creative. The possibilities are endless!

-----------------------------------------------------------------------DISCLAIMER: I realize everyone is different and have had different experiences when going vegan. This is uniquely my experience.