Saturday, January 31, 2015

Why Is There So Much Conflict Between Vegans?

Why Is There So Much Confict Between Vegans?

Good question. Why IS there so much arguing, fighting and downright hostility between vegans online? Why can't we all just get along? I see many of my fellow vegans in distress about this topic, so I wanted to offer my two cents and perhaps even focus on the positives, if any, of these social media conflicts amongst those who ideally, should be on the same team in solidarity.

Ah, yes. Wouldn't it be nice if all vegans could unite, hold hands around a giant tree and sing a rousing rendition of Kumbaya all day long? A lovely thought, but quite profoundly unrealistic, to say the very least.

Let's be real and try to look at this from a much broader perspective than just bruised egos; Imagine throwing hundreds of thousands of outspoken, opinionated, very intelligent, passionate, visionary truth seekers into one small room together, the small room being Facebook, in this case. Would you really expect them to all embrace each other, smile and nod and never lose their patience, or even, God forbid, disagree with each other?

First of all, not everyone is going to get along, even if we all do have the same vision. Second of all, this movement is huge, it's tense, it's global and it is extremely important. We all have our own ideals and our opinions. It is human nature to let our egos get in the way and to lose our cool once in a while. No one is perfect and no one should expect anyone else to be perfect either. And thirdly, but not lastly, our passion, intensity and strong minds is why many of us are vegan in the first place. We don't all have to like each other and we don't always have to be agreeable and sweet.

I could conclude this blog by bidding you all a "namaste" and condescend your naughty vegan etiquette by telling you to always be nice to everyone, but I will instead just simply say, always be yourself. You'll never live up to anyone's expectations of you but your own.

-Tracie Bee (Trae B Vegan)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Buying the Lies

You see the farm scenes on T.V. and in movies with a red barn, the sun is shining, the animals are out to pasture. The whole scene exudes serenity and contentment. The same, down home scene is displayed on jugs of cow's milk and egg cartons in your local grocery stores with comforting names like "Happy Cow" and "Crystal Farms". Dominoes even puts pictures of cows on their pizza boxes with names under them. "Humanely raised", "grass fed", "organic", "locally raised", "farm fresh", "cage free", "free range" etc, are terms used by fearful, big industries who are taking a hit from this ever-growing vegan movement. We, as consumers are led to believe our whole lives, again and again that these animals live on some sunny, friendly farm out in Green Acres, U.S.A.

noun: propaganda; noun: Propaganda
information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.

The reality behind those misleading images is absolute hell for innocent animals. The egg industry throws live, male baby chicks into grinding machines because they are "useless" to the industry. Mother hens live in tiny cages and are enslaved their whole lives while her newborn baby boys are gassed, crushed or ripped to shreds, one by one. The dairy industry doesn't think much more of male calfs who are dragged away at birth and killed for veal and soft leather. The females are enslaved, raped over and over as all her babies are taken and killed. Mother cows sometimes bellow with grief for days for her stolen calf, her spirit completely broken. Mother pigs are kept in tiny crates unable to move or turn around for their entire lives. Her babies are taken from her, slammed against concrete floors and walls, stomped on by adult males, or they are overfed for 3 short months and then brutally killed, babies on your plate. Fish are hooked or dragged out of the water and slowly suffocated, gasping desperately for oxygen. Ducks and geese are force fed with metal tubes jammed down their throats until their liver explodes from fat and disease. Turkeys are kept in cramped crates, unable to move for their whole existence, then murdered so humans can buy their dead bodies. Lobsters and other shellfish are stolen from the seas and boiled alive.

Humans celebrate their deaths by giving thanks for their own gluttony and selfishness, completely disconnected while billions of sentient, terrified animals are tortured and killed behind hidden doors in sunless, cold barracks out of sight and out of mind. How long will you choose to look in the other direction while they suffer? How long will you choose to believe the lies? For billions of sentient animals, there is no more time. You have a choice. They don't. Please make the connection